Fusion Text ®

Fusion Text ®

Fusion Text ®

Fusion Advantage: Boost transcription productivity and reduce or eliminate expensive transcription outsourcing costs.

Fusion is the newest generation of the STAT Report suite of products that is designed to meet the latest demands of healthcare information technology. As a fully integrated Speech Recognition solution, Fusion provides the most effective solution to the high costs of medical report creation and management. Dolbey developed the first generation of STAT Report product in 1987 and continues to evolve the product line as a solutions-oriented approach to your health information management needs.

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Highly productive, customizable and completely integrated; these are crucial components essential for every healthcare document management system. Dolbey transcription software is recognized as the industry leader for features and customer satisfaction. Extend in-house functionality to remote workers with ease while maintaining control. Manage reports from dictation to signature, distribution to final document archival in this highly customizable and feature rich system.

Key components of this solution enable the transcriptionist to work faster and easier with greater precision than ever before. Speed typing, customized formats, medical spell checking and stored routines are highlights of the tool kit and are easy to learn for all transcription staff.

Based upon MS/Word and MS/SQL this system can utilize your networks, your servers and your PC workstations to create a fast, reliable, HIPAA friendly and tamper-proof text processing system.

The demands upon your healthcare providers are high and our solutions accommodate their needs with precision. Physician Profile logs, tracks and compiles physician specific data and preferences.

Interface to nearly every HIS, dictation or chart management system. Registration, order and dictation data are captured and automatically fused into the transcribed document. Nearly every HIS, RIS, and LIS system is already supported and HL-7 protocols are standard.

Features and options offer tools to develop and easily report on incentive pay policies, production pay plans and even billing of your customers. Turn excess transcription capability into profit center.

Offer a state of the art electronic signature and document viewing system that provides on-site and remote access to transcribed reports within seconds after they are typed. Rules based system can restrict privileges by site, user and other policy rules satisfying HIPAA guidelines. Physicians can edit, dictate edit instructions and sign reports from nearly any secure login.

Every keystroke is measured, every minute is accounted for and every access or output is tracked and logged in your document management. Use our point-n-click reporting tools to customize the report writer to meet your specific needs.