Colloque annuel de l’Association des directeurs de police du Québec.

The theme chosen for this 21st edition is: “MAINTAINING ORDER IN THE TECHNOLOGICAL AGE”. Our daily lives confront us with the multiple realities of our new cyber environment. Social networks, multimedia information in real time, dark-web, fake-news, cyber crime, robotics, home automation, artificial intelligence ………. What are the main security challenges for our Company? Can today’s police and private security respond adequately?

High-quality speakers, all equally varied from one another, will help shed light on the security issues that our police services will certainly face in light of the new realities of a virtual world in full effervescence and of which we are still unaware. ‘where artificial intelligence will influence our daily lives.

Comdic was a proud sponsor and even if covid 19 did not allow us to make this event happen…we are waiting impatiently for it.